I would like to welcome you to gyneacological office located in Katowice city centre.


Public car parking spaces are available on the streets adjecent to office building (fees are collected according to Katowice Council price list and apply to weekdays from 9.00AM to 4.30 PM, outside this hours and on weekends parking is free) and could be issued in parking machines or through council collectors. Closest parking payment machine is located next to the office entrance.

Number of parking spaces are available in newly opened shopping mall “Supersam”, where it is possible to leave the car for 3 hours with no fee. Parking is located approx 100m from the office.

Public transport

Bus stops are located next to Supersam shopping centre, approx. 100m for the office:

  • Katowice – Sosnowiec an Katowice – Dąbrowa Górnicza (801, 807, 808, 811, 814, 815, 831 i 835)
  • Katowice – Będzina (40, 800, 805, 813, 817 i 818)


  • closest tram stops are located on 3Maja street (in front of the main entrance to “Galeria Katowicka” shopping centre  (approx. 400m from the office)


  • train – Main Katowice train station is also located next to Galeria Katowicka shopping centre located approx. 400m form the office.
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Gyneacological Office Katowice
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